Press Release

"SCHMITZ" returns to the fire department market!

Schmitz reports 1st vehicle delivery

This is the 1st vehicle delivered by Schmitz Feuerwehr & Rescue GmbH in Farnstädt.

The traditional brand name „Schmitz” will return to the fire fighting market!

Mr. Dirk Schmitz, Managing Director of the family business “Hermann Schmitz GmbH” and former managing director of Gimaex GmbH in Wilnsdorf explained today that the Schmitz Family has decided to re-launch the traditional brand “Schmitz” in Germany and Internationally.

Schmitz has acquired a strong Chinese partner to reenter the market for specialised fire appliances (HazMat-Response, Heavy Rescue, Mobile Command and Industrial Fire Appliances) in 2018. H. Schmitz GmbH is currently bidding for the German Gimaex subsidiary “Gimaex GmbH” in Wilnsdorf but is ready to proceed on its own if the acquisition of this company isn’t successful.

The location of the production will preferably be the premises owned by Hermann Schmitz GmbH in Essener Str. 8, 57234 Wilnsdorf.

Further steps, as the hiring of staff, construction of demo vehicles and so on are depending on the decisions regarding the potential acquisition of Gimaex GmbH.

Further information soon.