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traditionally innovative

No innovation starts with "must it be?"

For over 80 years, Schmitz has been known for establishing groundbreaking new developments in the fire brigade market, civil defence and disaster management internationally and for pioneering work.
Among other things, this includes:

  • Dangerous goods equipment vehicles & trucks, the first to enter the market and is the market leader in Germany and the international market.
  • Small tank fire fighting vehicle (KTLF), market launch and market leader in Germany. forerunner of the now standardized medium fire-fighting vehicle (MLF).
  • Development of the patented Schmitz One Seven® system - Engineered Foam Technology.
  • Disaster measuring vehicles for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents and hazardous substances.
  • Decontamination plants deFcon®.
  • and much more

Not only fire trucks, but individual and tailor made solutions as well!

It‘s not ‚having‘ that counts – it‘s ‚being‘ that counts. Time, not money! No status instead independence. Not only representative but with sense. Visually appealing, needs-based and practical. With us,
emotion meets technology.
People who think this way have high expectations of their requirements they surround themselves with. This is how we build vehicles for fire brigades.

Competent – high quality – durable – fire brigade oriented.



Schmitz aluminium profiles