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From environmental protection to decontamination!

Equipment vehicle dangerous goods (GWG) – market leader in Germany

From the well-known Schmitz ÖlSEP to CBRN-Detection vehicles (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare) and environmental protection equipment up to and including for the well-known deFcon® decontamination, Schmitz can offer you an almost complete range of vehicles in the environment protection sector.
Years of experience with hazardous goods and environmental contamination cases ensures that you will have a functional and reliable solution.

Detection vehicle Beijing, China

Decontamination of a person with deFcon® P foam using special nozzles.
The foam is rinsed off with clear water.

HazMat truck (GW-G)

Equipment with high-tech systems to safely identify hazardous or warfare agents

Oil applications on waters

In the event of damage, radioactive, chemical and biological substances require special recording, control and disposal methods.