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traditionally innovative

Production and pioneering vehicle concepts

  • hot-dip galvanized sub-frame
  • welded frame construction up to approx. 10 t vehicle weight for economical use
  • modern panel-type design
  • Aluminium frame constructions on request
  • SICS vehicle electronics! (Schmitz-Integrated-Control-System) controls all control units in the vehicle with maximum safety and smartness. (Keyword CAN Bus System)

Aluminium Frame Construction

Welded Frameworks

SICS Vehicle Electronics

Small fire engine vehicle with portable pump (TSF-W)

Small fire engine vehicle with portable pump (TSF-W)

Schmitz – for fire fighting!

Produce quality and prove

„Traditionally innovative“ is Schmitz with its products always state-of-the-art and uses the most modern technologies, materials and and procedures.
That‘s what we‘re known for!

Highlights of our vehicles:

  • in compliance to the current national and international standards (DIN, EN, NFPA) and rules
  • are designed and developed for maximum durability, efficiency and user friendly operation
  • are practical and user-oriented
  • are individually adapted to your requirements – purpose built
  • are Made in Germany